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Why more and more starred hotels choose the IDS system of Jintian Technology?


With digital media display technology has developed rapidly in recent years, multimedia information publishing has been widely used in various industries. As a crowded public place, the hotel industry has always been a must for businesses with huge consumption potential, and it also contains endless advertising opportunities. In the case of LCD TV commercial broadcasting, there are problems such as inconvenient management, low information content, and poor targeting and timeliness. In this situation, the information-based multimedia information publishing system of the company is gradually favored by various hotels.


The multimedia information management system is a new media concept. Jintian technology’s IDS: Information Distribution System, uses the building network to independently edit and publish video, pictures, text, audio, broadcast and other information through the display terminals in the public area of the hotel. The play mode is rich and colorful, and the freshest information can be delivered to the audience in the first time, and the partition management is carried out according to different regions and audiences, and the information is released in a targeted manner to obtain more effective publicity!




  Application value of IDS system


Mainly used in hotel lobby, main desk, lobby bar, conference room, banquet hall, leisure area and elevator car.

At present, our IDS has been widely used in many five-star hotels, such as: Shangri-La, Marriott, etc., with the help of IDS, the hotel's network and information management level has been greatly improved. Independent release of various forms of digital media information, bringing guests real convenience and personalized service.


1、Business promotion:

Through the Jintian Information Technology’s IDS multimedia information distribution system, the hotel can release the hotel's service items in the lobby waiting area, display guide information, special dishes, promotional activities, conference banquet theme, wedding banquet, schedule, welcome words and other information. Utilize the advantages of mobile guest resources to effectively promote the various services of the hotel.


2、Information display:

Through the Jintian Information Technology’s IDS multimedia information distribution system, you can instantly broadcast the scale of the hotel, the use of the rooms, the use of the conference rooms, restaurant recommendations, hotel promotions, tourist attractions, traffic Guides and other information, providing customers with personalized services, facilitating customers, and improving customer service and work efficiency.


3、Brand promotion:

Through the IDS multimedia information distribution system of the company, we will carry out targeted brand promotion for the guests in the hotel to improve the effectiveness and pertinence of the promotion.


4、Advertising operation: 

 Through the IDS multimedia information distribution system of Jintian Information Technology, cooperate with merchants to display the advertisements related to the hotel and hotel industry on the large screens of halls, banquet halls, and stairs aisles, such as entertainment venue promotion, scenic spot promotion, shopping, etc. increasing the efficiency of hotel value-added applications, and achieving a win-win situation for hotels and businesses!


5、Emergency notification:

If an urgent notice is to be issued in the hotel, the system can be used to issue emergency information to the entire hotel.



IDS system network topology




 Advantages of the IDS system


Economical and practical:

Existing information network resources and display terminals can be utilized without large-scale investment. Seeking the best balance between user needs and system functions, we can't blindly pursue various expansion functions to  cause huge investment. We can save investment as much as possible on the basis of ensuring good quality.



Save money and effort:

All playback management is on the headquarters server. Each point does not need to be equipped with a dedicated administrator and computer. There is no need to install any software for each point. Just set the IP address and port number of the server and plug in the power and network cable.It’s easy to use, greatly saving manpower and material costs. Because each client (points) does not need to install software, the difficulty of installation and construction, daily maintenance, and training is much less than traditional management.


Easy to use:

The degree of system intelligence is high, and the demand of number of management personnel and academic qualifications are not high. Easy to operate, make a good program, no need to be on duty, and automatically broadcast.



Safe and stable:

The system is a complete and independent software technology to ensure the security and confidentiality of hotel information. The mature and professional hotel information release system management is perfectly combined with the intelligent broadcast terminal to make the high-quality broadcast , which is a solid foundation for system stability.



Advanced innovation:

The system adopts the most advanced international innovation technology and is forward-looking and leading. Improve the competitiveness of the hotel.



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