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What is the GRE interactive TV system solution for smart hotels?


With the rapid development of the global economy, Digital TV and smart hotel systems which focused on hotel informatization have become the core content of contemporary IT constructions of hotels to meet the increasing demands of customers and to provide customers with more convenient and efficient services. The hotel's interactive TV system was designed and developed to meet the needs of the hotels. Then what is the smart hotel GRE interactive TV system solution provided by Jintian Technology?


Jintian Technology's GRE system solution is a combination of scientific management ideas and advanced management tools based on the room as the axis, through the TV screen as a carrier, through personalized welcome screen, hotel services, hotel facilities reservations, restaurants, spa or golf, check bills, book tickets, watch live TV and on-demand, mobile subtitles, weather, multi-screen interactive and other functional modules to help the hotels provide guests a comfortable environment, attentive service to meet the various needs of customers. At the same time, it is efficient, fast and low cost for the operation and management of the hotel.




The GRE system fully considers the current pains of hotels and customers, helps hotels truly understand customers, and provides customized intelligent experiences for users. At the same time, based on the precise marketing of scenes, can help the hotel to enhance direct benefits and make the application and management of all aspects of the hotel intelligent. For the guest "live" experience, the function covers the entire process from check-in to check-out. Our core goal is to help the hotels strengthen communication with the guests and push the best service to you at the right time.


So what are the functions of the GRE system?


1、Tailor exclusive interface for the hotels

According to the hotel's characteristics, we will offer a cutting-edge design of the boot interface, and use multimedia to show the hotel style and choose the version that best suits your customers.



2Personalized reception makes every guest is VIP

When guests come to a hotel, a personalized welcome screen allows them to feel the welcome atmosphere in the first moment. Fully meet the reception needs of conferences and groups.




3HD video

You can use it to watch and order all kinds of TV programs without being restricted by time and geography. The huge number of popular genuine sources which update monthly will bring you the ultimate enjoyment of audio and video.




4multi-screen interaction, whatever you want

TV screen, mobile phone screen, Pad screen, and a variety of smart terminal can be interconnected, which allow guests to enjoy the same content experiences as at home.




5Hotel life circle, comprehensive one-stopl service

through the service boundary of the hotels. Apart from not accommodation, guests can easily use the hotel's service facilities, turn on the lights, open curtains, book hotels, restaurants, spas, golf, check bills, book tickets, wealth management, games, attractions, etc.





6 Create income, show targeted content

Provide hotel information, promotions, amenities, services and events to guests with targeted information, provide useful information and reservation service. While improve the guests’ experience, it also creates income. Information pages can be managed and tailored by us.





The GRE system of Jintian's information technology is stable, flexible and reliable. It is convenient for customer to use, for hotel to maintain, and  support for independent hotels and groups. The equipment has high integration degree, high utilization rate and small land occupation, which is convenient for construction and management. It provides faster service to customers, saves the cost of the hotel and improves the hotel’s level.


GRE system solution overall architecture diagram:




Up to now, we have served thousands of high-end star-rated hotels’ customers, including Shangri-La, Marriott, Intercontinental, Hilton, etc., we have brought innovative, safe, fast and stable video and interactive experiences to guests staying at star-rated hotels. And we have provided convenient, efficient, and practical network management and services to hotel managers. At the same time, it has been well received by users and all circles in society. In the future, we will cooperate with more hotels and continue to innovate to make the hotel experience more perfect!



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