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IDS: Hotel Information Distribution System Solution


With the rapid development of China after the reform and opening-up policy has been implemented more than 30 years, the hotel industry integrates with the world market have become the trend of the times. The needs of customers are more and more diversified, and the expectations of the hotel are getting higher and higher. Jintian Technology’s IDS hotel information release system can meet your needs. It not only provides the hotel with the function of publishing multimedia information, but also effectively enhances the communication between the hotel and the guests, and improves the customer satisfaction and service quality. At the same time, we can also introduce the hotel's various consumer entertainment and service guides to promote the consumer's desire to consume, increase hotel sales revenue and enhance the hotel's competitiveness.




 Introduction to IDS system

Users only need to log in to the hotel information distribution system management terminal through the Internet or the hotel's internal private network to complete the program content design and release, and play it through the intelligent playback terminal (engineering version of the advertising box).



A description of System function



1Program edit

The operation interface is beautiful and easy to learn without any professional knowledge. You only need 5 minutes to learn how to master the background software: material uploading - program production - review issued.


The screen is freely divided into areas, including video area, picture area, subtitle area, time zone, etc. The position and size of each area can be dragged by mouse, and you can see what you have edited. It is very quick to add or revise the content.







2Play programs

The user can combine different programs according to the need of promotion after logging in. The whole system's program is based on the time schedule, just like the TV program, 7 o’clock is the news, 8 o’clock is the TV series, 10 o’clock is the variety shows and so on. Therefore, we only need to make different programs first, and set the time on the calendar. The system will automatically change the program content of the advertisement display terminal according to the schedule. The advertisement will switch automatically without any manual operation.





3Manage Play

Support video, picture, text, audio, ppt, music, text, broadcast and other ways, you can combine different ways into one program according to the needs. 

The system adopts the management method of the timeline layer, and the program can be modified at any time during the play of the program.

Any program can be saved as a  template when the display layout is completed. The new program content can be directly applied to the template and quickly generate the advertisement program.



4Display resolution

Users can set different resolutions and horizontal or vertical screens according to their own advertising devices, and also can set up split screen.






5Display management

Main functions include advertisement terminal management and monitoring. Terminal grouping can be customized to realize unified management of terminals in a certain area to achieve accurate and flexible delivery of information. Different groups such as A cell and B cell can realize different advertisements by different groups, and do not need to send an advertisement program to one terminal at a time, and can specify a default program for the terminal; and can remotely monitor the terminal. Operating status, etc.  






6Set authority management 

In order to ensure that the system operates under safe and effective conditions and avoid human interference and damage, we have implemented strict authority management in the system, and can assign different operation rights to different personnel. 





7Statistical data 

The number of times of play of all the programs and display of the terminal can be counted in the system. Through the viewing of statistical information, you can understand the various usages in the terminal.  






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