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What are the benefits of the GRE interactive TV solution for hotels?


Nowadays, interactive TV systems are used more and more widely in starred hotels. This is not only the combination of traditional wisdom and technological wisdom. On the basis of guaranteeing the quality of traditional products, it focuses on customer experience and uses technology to optimize hotel management processes and solve existing problems. It can also be highly valued and shared by the guests, achieving a win-win situation between the hotel and the guests. So what benefits does the GRE interactive TV system of Jintian Technology bring to the hotel? Let me come to give you a detailed explanation. Let's take a look!




1、Provide digital platform and management convenience for hotel management

Jintian's GRE interactive TV solution provides the hotel with a new interactive digital platform that transforms the traditional TV in the hotel into a portal of communication/interaction/service between the hotel and guests (service and communication window).This gives the hotel a self-controlled in-depth marketing platform for marketing, delivering personalized information and providing entertainment services in a multimedia manner. At the same time, the hotel uses an interactive TV system to optimize the management process. While providing lower-cost operating costs, it also provides customers with more personalized services, tracking and doing statistical analysis of customer spending and browsing behavior, and providing new management for improved a new basis for improved management.

2、Customize the interface for the hotel in a professional way, and help improving the brand image

Jintian's GRE interactive TV solution can be customized according to the hotel's decoration style and theme culture, which makes the TV and hotel style fully integrated, giving guests a comfortable and pleasant experience and promoting customers' recognition of the brand. The welcome greetings can be customized in terms of language, VIP, festival, birthday or even weather, so that guests can feel more humanistic care.

3、Save hotel costs and improve service quality

On the one hand, jintian's GRE interactive TV solutions provide hotels with the most cost-effective software, content, hardware and services. It has greatly saved the hotel's expenses, making the hotel's TV no longer a fixed asset depreciated year by year, but an investment that can be appreciated. It Reduces hotel operating costs and optimizes hotel management and service efficiency. On the other hand, Jintian Technology's GRE interactive TV system can broadcast and order all kinds of TV programs and entertainment programs at home and abroad, and enjoy the feeling of home at the hotel. TV terminals, mobile screens, Pad screens and other device terminals can be connected to each other, and it’s easy to operate, interact, and can bring guests the ultimate experience.

4、Open up new profit channels to generate revenue for hotels

Jintian Technology's GRE interactive TV solution provides customers with rich information content and value-added services based on the interactive TV system, such as hotel ordering, massage, swimming fitness, local special tourist attractions, folk customs, restaurants, businesses, transportation, and other services. You can also cooperate with partners to provide electronic tour guides, car rental, electronic booking, and other value-added services. And through intelligent interactive services, it changes "watching" TV into "using" TV, to meet the various needs of customers anytime and anywhere, so that guests can enjoy high-quality hotel services, which also creates a good reputation for the hotel, and improves customer recognition. Let hotel TV become a small purse, which generates additional value gains and builds a broad platform for the hotel's own brand promotion, and thus reflects the advantages of  group management at a deep level.

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