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Shanghai Yovale Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Yovale is a professional provider of world-class multimedia information distribution systems, interactive digital TV systems and one-stop solutions.The company focuses on high-end hotels, main products are GRE, IDS, through advanced technology, professional processing system, perfect service system, to provide intelligent services and management, to help hotels for each Guests create a new smart environment that makes each screen more exciting and dazzling!

Headquartered in Shanghai and has wholly-owned subsidiaries and offices in Suzhou, Guangzhou and Shenyang. Not only has a group of high-quality, young, practical and experienced professional technical team, but also obtained a number of independent research and development of software copyright, trademark rights and ISO management system certification. Also has a comprehensive service system, 7 × 24 hours at any time, the first time for the hotel to provide the most sophisticated quality service!